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Crappy Article
In my opinion the article about Myrtle Beach ("Who Crapped In The Sandbox" by Will Moredock, June 2) is a bunch of crap. B&C is a first class group and have done more to control the growth of Myrtle Beach in a first class way except for the pyramid. They get a bad rap from the old Yankees that are against everything and everybody from the South. They use the schools as a scapegoat when actually they hate them and don't want to pay taxes to the school because they don't have children or grandchildren attending the local schools. A bunch of BS if you ask me!

-- Tom Barrineau, Murrells Inlet, SC

What a Whore
Will Moredock has discovered that our beloved Myrtle Beach has turned into a whore and will do anything. Most decent folks saw that place going to pot years ago and quit going. What got my attention was he danced around the issue of political corruption. Could a writer actually grow a spine and address the fact that a Federal Circuit Court hasn't rendered a Constitutional decision in years because they're so hamstrung by political correctness, special interest groups, crooked lawyers and prosecutors beholden to the good-ole-girl network.

Sorry for rambling. Find a quieter beach -- that's what I did.

-- Bill Ware, Mooresville

Walters Is No American Dreamer
Mr. Walters admits he is not an American ("Autopia," June 9), so he has no conception of the American Dream. In America, the land of liberty and freedom, Mr. Walters has chosen the way he desires to live, but at the same time, he wants Americans to choose his way.

Sorry, Mr. Walters, diversity is good. Nothing short of Soviet-style force could compel most Americans to give up the American Dream. That dream includes cars, as much for convenience as for travel. Your attempt to appear patriotic falls flat, because you don't have American values. Legal immigrants have always been welcomed in America, but they are expected to accept our values. Maybe you forgot that we fought a revolution for our independence from control.

-- Suzanne Stallings, Charlotte

Xenophobic Bombast
I was completely bowled over by Jacob Norris's letter in the June 2 edition ("Brits Equally to Blame"), written in response to David Walters's column titled "Hopeless in Gaza." Norris's letter started out criticizing the author but before long slipped into an irrational tirade against the British. This is a man who claims to have "spent time living in England." After reading his letter I take this to mean two days in a Holiday Inn while on business. He states the British are "disconnected from the rest of the world." Where Mr. Norris came upon this delusional idea is beyond me. Britain must be one of the most globally reaching nations on earth with ties through the Commonwealth, trade, sports and travel. Norris goes on to claim that the English are "a myopic bunch of stubborn, beer swilling has-beens who are as completely ignorant about their own past as they are about current affairs." Where on earth did that come from? Perhaps a bad fish and chips experience or maybe Stratford just wasn't "quaint" enough for him? Mr. Norris may find it interesting to know that the education of history and world affairs is extremely conclusive in both public and private schools. International travel is rife, with many British working and studying abroad in significant numbers. The vast majority of newspapers and news programs place great emphasis on international affairs and the public as a whole is well-informed. Finally, with regard to his "beer-swilling" comment I imagine Mr. Norris has never attended a NASCAR race. Unfortunately, any political analysis of Walters' article was lost. This is a shame when it is clearly a time for articulate political debate and not self-indulgent xenophobic bombast.

-- Ben Addy, Charlotte

Keep It Up
I really enjoyed this week's [June 2] Loafing. It was chock-full of great articles. I really enjoyed the Myrtle Beach expose, the interview with Staff Sgt. Jimmy Massey about his experiences in Iraq ("I Killed Innocent People" by Paul Rockwell) and as always the very informative and enlightening Tara Servatius. Keep up the good work and keep "spreading the word" here in the buckle of the bible belt!

-- Bryan Talbott, Charlotte

How About JFK?
In an otherwise relatively well-balanced article ("Ronald Reagan's Liberal Legacy," by Joshua Green, June 9), the author stumbled over one particular assertion: "One would have to go back to FDR to find a comparable example of a president portrayed in such consistently glowing terms . . ."

And what of the hagiographic tidal wave that has been churned out in praise of JFK?

-- Glenn Dellinger, Charlotte

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