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Vote Your Conscience

With all due respect to Ms. Dwightman ("Walters' Hissy Fit," Letter to the Editor, Mar. 17), did we not learn anything from Florida? Bush is no more a moderate Republican than Michael Jackson is a regular guy.

True, the Dems were in need of a testicular reattachment at one point but Howard Dean has given us that. If you want to vote your conscience in the purest way possible, go to your caucus on April 17 and vote for Dean, Kucinich, or Sharpton. This ensures that their ideas will be drafted into the convention platform in July and Kerry will take notice. Go to and see which candidate best represents you.

I assure you, moderate Republicans do not think "God told me to run" nor is "the jury still out" for them as far as evolution is concerned.

-- Heather Mims, Charlotte

Bring Back the Wave

I just learned that the comic strip "Slow Wave", by Jesse Reklaw, has been discontinued by Creative Loafing. Why was it dropped?

"Slow Wave" was the best of the comic strips that ran in Creative Loafing. I know for a fact that many of the "Slow Waves" were co-written by Creative Loafing readers, myself being one of them. What are the chances of getting "Slow Wave" put back in your paper?

With the exception of "Slow Wave" and "Bizarro," it seems like all the comic strips in Creative Loafing have a definite anti-Bush, anti-Republican slant to them. Is that one of the requirements? Although I don't agree with the politics, I still enjoy reading all of the strips each week, but I found "Slow Wave" to be a refreshing break from all of that.

-- Mike Gigante, Charlotte

Movie-goers Betrayed

Only 20 minutes of pre-show blurbs at the movie theatre ("Polluted Entertainment" by Quinn Cotton, Mar. 10)? Try the "Forty-Minute Countdown" at my neighborhood mega-plex in California. In other words, the visual and aural assault begins directly on the heels of the previous showing.

As a member of the "industry" (and currently in Charlotte preparing to shoot a film), I can shed some light on how we arrived at this insufferable situation. Remember those crude and mercifully silent pre-movie slide shows? Technology caught up. Gradually, slide projectors are being replaced by digital DVD projectors. Updating can be accomplished on a weekly basis by simply inserting a new DVD or even downloading from a restricted website. Eventually, this method of delivery to the theatre will evolve into digital projection of the movie itself.

I share Ms. Cotton's general sense of betrayal toward the current movie-going experience. At the very least, it is a confusing set of mixed messages for audience etiquette. For example, we are sternly reminded, before the movie begins, to turn off cell phones because "Silence is Golden." Evidently, this admonition does not apply to the previous onslaught of blurbs. Worst of all, the endless barrage of MTV-style flash cuts and amped-up sound take a toll. By the time the movie finally begins, our eyes and ears are already exhausted. This is not the way filmmakers intended you, the audience, to experience our work.

-- Andrew Stone, Los Angeles

Woo Is Me

I just wanted to take a minute out of your day for a quick "Woo" for your writer Lindsey Grossman! I loved her article, "I Am Woo Girl, Hear Me Woo!" (Mar. 10)! The article got forwarded to me from another Woo girl friend of mine from Georgia...and since then we have sent the Woo chain across the nation! Needless to say it defines my friends and I to a "T"! Can I get a "Woo" from the crowd? I would love to see Lindsey expand on this article and do other things about the Woo Girls...keep it coming! Thanks for making all the Woo girls smile, Lindsey!

-- Shea Davis, Ormond Beach, FL


OK, I was laughing hysterically over your Woo article. I forwarded this to all of my girlfriends and we were all Theta's and totally appreciated this column!

Thanks so much and the sad part is we all have the same matching Yurman bracelets. (sick)

Anyway, I have a tendency to Woo at the most inappropriate times, so my girlfriends have "capped" me at no wooing until after 5pm or the sun has set. I really struggle at times.

-- Pamela Rockenfield, Cincinnati, OH

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