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Not Her Cup of Tea

I was disappointed in the content and presentation of the article about the difficulty of finding a bra that fits ("No Support," by Jessica Seigel, Nov. 26). Granted, it's a problem.

A more pressing problem (pun intended), which was not even mentioned, is the fact that an ill-fitting bra greatly reduces circulation in the areas of the chest band and bra straps causing potential circulation issues with the lymph system. This is considered an invitation to breast-related health problems (read Cancer).

Finally, I'm not sure why this article warranted six photos of a woman with tea cups on. One or two is a clever pun but six times is over the top. . .

Thanks for an entertaining and informative publication. By the way, camisoles, a great alternative to bras, were never even mentioned.

-- Mary Powers, Charlotte

Smoked Out

I am very pleased that someone in this town is concerned about the filthy air that makes a smoke-filled bar look like an Irish Spring commercial ("It'll Only Get Worse," by Sam Boykin, Nov. 19). I also love the "leadership" qualities that our beloved councilmembers have. The "Whether or not we sign the suit we reap the benefits of the suit, if they're successful" is an attribute that will take Susan Burgess to the White House I'm sure. Well, maybe they will bring the White House to her. I get tired of seeing our local leaders so passive and allow ourselves to be walked over just to try to please everyone. Priorities like education and clean air will move back to their proper place if more leaders like Mr. Cannon step up. Thank you again for a great article.

-- Chris Sackinger, Charlotte

Hot Jumbo Fabrications

Thank you, CL, for Quinn Cotton. She has the sensibility of a married woman combined with the lustiness of a free-thinking single lady. Regrettably, I must take her to task for some of what she wrote in "Hot Jumbo Penises" (Dec. 10).

Quinn raises (pun not intended) many a good point on the Does Size Matter? question. She's probably right about women not being as concerned with penis size as men are; however, if one broaches the subject, one should really research beyond one's social circle. The makers of erotica would have us think that women focus on penises; the bigger the better. Given that the majority of erotica is designed for males, the producers are likely telling men what they want to believe. Surely there are reputable studies of the size question that would tell us precisely where we are on this pressing issue. No need to "guess."

I also query Quinn's references to being at a party where "a few guys brought up an image on the computer of a (huge penis)" and also of "her husband and other men" describing past relationships in "terms of (the women's) breasts." What kind of parties is Quinn attending -- where men surf for porn, and want her reaction!? It's a possible scenario, of course, but it sure comes across as deus ex machina.

As for men making such descriptive remarks about breasts in front of her, again, possible, but these must be some exceptionally low-class guys to talk that way with a woman present. At 48, I've lived in various social strata across the country. I have never heard men discussing, in such detail, the breasts of past or current lovers -- with or without the womenfolk around. Despite these quibbles, please, Quinn, keep it up (pun intended).

-- Barry Wohl, Charlotte

The End Is Near

It must be a sign of the Apocalypse. Creative Loafing actually had something positive to say about two important dead white males -- The Wright Brothers ("The Wright Stuff," by Neil Skene, Dec. 10).

-- Alex McKenzie, Charlotte

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