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Thanks For Nothing

In the August 13-19 issue, Creative Loafing published a Thank You advertisement for The Manor (Eastern Federal Corporation) being named the best theater for quality of content in the recent Best of 2003 awards.

Unfortunately, the ad also stated that The Manor is the "Home of the "Best Film Series,' Charlotte Film Society's Second Week Film Series." It is unfortunate because the Charlotte Film Society's Second Week series did not win this year's award. The Charlotte Film Society (CFS), wants to make sure that readers understand we are not trying to claim an award that we did not win.

The Charlotte Film Society appreciates the support of Creative Loafing and its readers over the years, and we want to make sure that all involved understand that we did not try to claim something we did not win. The oversight was due to negligence of someone at Creative Loafing and not EFC nor the Charlotte Film Society.

-- Joe Alvarez, President, Charlotte Film Society

No Goodwill For CL

In the August 6 edition of Creative Loafing, for the Readers' Choice vote concerning "consignment clothing," you listed the winner as "Goodwill Industries, various locations." This selection makes no sense to me. Goodwill does not and never has sold clothes on consignment. I voted for Very Terry, who truly does, in my opinion (and apparently in many other people's opinions by the past voting) have the best consignment shop in Charlotte. I wonder how many other people voted for Very Terry and got their votes disregarded. Even if the majority of your readers wrote in awarding a prize to Goodwill for that category, it is like announcing Larry Sprinkle being voted as the Readers' Choice for best "sportscaster." Nonsense answers should not be counted. They yield nonsensical results.

--Donna J. Flanagan, Charlotte

Teachers Unite

Thank you so much for giving Shannon Griffin the opportunity to produce the article "Why New Teachers Quit" (August 13). As a former teacher of CMS, I can truly sympathize with everyone's story. I agree that in order for this system to retain wonderful, energetic teachers, they should ease up and let the teacher have creative control over the lessons he or she prepares. Cut them some slack, we once were six-years-old, we are adults and no longer need to be scolded about trivial matters. Teachers unite and band together. Why? We are our only support in this messed up system.

-- Christy Calloway, Charlotte

'Nuff Sed

Re "Why New Teachers Quit" by Shannon Griffin (August 13): I'm a student at Myers Park, I was a student of Ms. Griffin last year and I don't appreciate the way she is talking about her former students, in her article she was bascially (sic) telling everyone that we are stupid, First of all if teachers didn't treat us like we were so stupid maybe we wouldn't act like it. Maybe if the teachers gave us more respect and were more nicer (sic) to us then maybe just maybe we wouldn't be so rude to them. Also if your (sic) going to be a teacher you should expect to do lots of work and if you can't handle it don't take the job, it's plain and simple, plus your (sic) a teacher and your (sic) gonna be expected to grade papers and yes it will take up some of your class time, but it's not a big deal just grade your little papers and move on with your lesson. I personally think that if your (sic) gonna be a teacher you better be prepared to put up with the students crap and if you can't take it quit before they start to disreaspect (sic) you more. Take it from a students point of view if you stay your (sic) just going to get tormented even more. That is all I'm gonna say about that article.

-- Name withheld by request

Who Cares About Jeeps?

In reference to "Jeepers!" by Tara Servatius (August 20), the additional cost of 11 Jeep Grand Cherokees rather than an alternative vehicle is roughly equivalent to my wife spending an additional 75 cents per year on a laundry detergent she prefers. Nobody should care! And the cost of Dr. Pughsley's Buick including depreciation, gas, insurance, etc., is less than Ms. Syfert's $475 per month car allowance. Commissioner James knows all this. He simply relies on the media and the public to be so mathematically inept that they accept his rantings at face value. I've got a BS in Engineering and an MBA. My numbers are right.

-- Fred Marsh, Charlotte

Editor's Reply:

The underlying point of the story wasn't that there was gross malfeasance occurring at CMS, but rather that the purchase of Grand Cherokees for mid-level employees was a dumb move by a bureaucracy that seems to have trouble managing its public image. These particular Grand Cherokees were not exorbitantly priced, but it is reasonable to expect that CMS officials would realize there might be a problem of public perception when janitorial supervisors are driving around in free Jeeps while parents have to buy school supplies for their children's classes.

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