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Anti-Bush Ad Offensive

I am shocked that you would allow such a blatant misrepresentation of Scripture to try to discredit a great Christian leader of this country ("Jesus vs. Bush," paid advertisement, Mar. 5). To the idiots at Creative Loafing who allowed this advertisement into the joke of a newspaper they publish: Are you unaware that you are in the Bible Belt? Maybe you should attend your local church and find out the true meaning behind the scriptures before you throw them out there ignorantly.

Let's look a little closer at these accusations you make against our Christian President, who, may I add, starts every morning on bended knee praying for guidance from the very being you are comparing him to.

As for your comments on the rich deserve more of a tax break. . .They do! Why does the educated person who did something with their life have to give up almost half of every paycheck while the fry cook at Burger King only has to pay 15 percent of his? We are being punished for making something of ourselves? If you liberal Democrats would take some time, put down the joint in your hand and get a real education maybe you would find a real job. Once you have that job, let me know how much of your paycheck you want going to crack head whores that take advantage of welfare and continue to get pregnant in a system that rewards you for having children but penalizes you for getting married.

To the Walden Three who paid for this advertisement, I pray for your soul because you obviously do not have a clue as to the context and the teachings Jesus was accomplishing with those words. To Creative Loafing, stick to entertainment issues and things going on in Charlotte. I hope to never see something this stupid again and if there is I strongly urge the advertisers and financial supporters of this paper to think twice before committing to anymore.

-- Name withheld by request

Editor's Note:

Since the text the writer objects to was an ad and not part of the editorial content of the paper, we will not attempt to defend it. We will point out, however, that, just like George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden also gets on bended knee every day -- in fact, five times a day -- and prays to God for guidance. That doesn't make either of them wise leaders.

US Abandons Its Political Philosophy

I entirely agree with every word written by Mr. Crowther in his recent article, "At the Twilight's Last Gleaming" (Mar. 5). The Just War doctrine is clearly lost on the cold warrior contingent supporting this Administration, and it is a tragedy of epic proportions. Perhaps I am one of those who has the immunity of which he spoke. While I've never fought in combat, I am an Army officer (JAG) of 18 years; I served during the last Gulf War, in the fringe minority of those who believed that it, too, was waged for the wrong reasons. I was routinely castigated for voicing my meek opposition then; my stronger opposition now subjects me to near charges of treason. I have come to the conclusion that I remain on active duty to provide an alternative viewpoint to my fellow soldiers. But it's like a bad flashback -- only now it's worse than in 1991, because now Saddam has attacked no one -- and the doctrine of pre-emption means we are abandoning our entire political philosophy that wars must only be fought in defense. Apparently, in this topsy-turvey world the best defense is a good offense; the UN, which is trying to speak with one voice, will become irrelevant because we will make it so, by failing to heed its edicts. Some say God Bless America; I say, God help us. Please do not print my name or rank as it might jeopardize my career. Thank you.

-- Name withheld by request

Major Concern

As a Major in the USAF, I must comment on Hal Crowther's essay "At the Twilights Last Gleaming." His credentials suggest that he is a great essayist, and I must say, his last book was a joy to read. However, I feel that Mr. Crowther was wrong in turning the story into a Democrat vs. Republican issue, suggesting that all Republicans are trigger-happy.

I agree with his assertion that the conflict is over oil. Saddam is controlling a large oil supply, he has used the funds from the oil to destabilize an already fragile area, and given the opportunity, would take out any number of American targets. The fact is, the war will be for a greater cause. Taking out a dictator that is beyond ruthless would give the Iraqi people a better way of life, and hopefully, add stability to the region. Wars are not pretty, people die, military and civilian alike, but I believe my president when he says he will do what is in the best interest of the US, regardless of international opinion.

I love my country and I will follow my president down the path of freedom. If that means war, then so be it. To all of your readers who feel that I am off base with my comments, let me assure them that the next time they ride mass transit, eat at an outdoor cafe, visit a shopping mall, they can have the warm feeling that trigger-happy military leaders like myself keep them safe from suicide bombers and terrorists so they can sit over their lattes and criticize the government.

-- Kevin Honeycutt, Charlotte

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