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Don't Like It? Leave
Nina Hansen ("Germany, The US and Iraq," Sept. 24) perhaps forgets when the leaders of her nation filled the death camps. Saddam was, by all accounts, the modern day Hitler, as the mass graves and torture chambers confirm. Old Europe forgets the Nazi terrors and they have become drunk with the illusion of power that the United Nations has allowed them. The New Europe well knows what it is like to summer under the iron boot of a tyrant.

Dear Nina must realize that 9-11 changed many things, most of all America's willingness to place the wishes of the United Nations before the defense of its homeland. If Nina Hansen and those like her take issue with this, then perhaps they need to find another place to study.

I suppose that if another Hitler were to rise in Germany that individuals such as Nina Hansen would be content to try and talk them away.

Simon Wiesenthal was supportive of this war. That a survivor of Nazi horrors supported this war and a young German (Nina Hansen) did not, speaks volumes. And, dear Nina, whatever your ancestors suffered during the three-day bombing of Hamburg, well, that's the cost of your ancestors' silence.

-- Kelly Boatright, Charlotte

Don't Like It. Might Leave.
Sam Boykin is exactly right about Charlotte ("We Ain't Racin'," Sept. 24). The racial divide runs long and cuts deep here. Charlotte is the type of town where white people count the number of black people they know and they can usually do that on one or two hands. The problem of race has become a backburner issue to most white people who see it as solved but yet continue its insidious practices within the legal system that was designed to promote and protect themselves only. All I ever hear is "It's not my fault" and "I didn't own any slaves." If you benefit from evil then you are no less guilty than the perpetrator. Indifference to evil is evil but how do you convince a race of people to give up something they're so used to getting, namely white privilege? First you have to convince whites that it's the right thing to do. Secondly you have to convince them that they are beneficiaries of an American apartheid system. Thirdly, and most difficult, whites have to understand that race is merely a label and see black people as themselves, as mothers and fathers that love their children. Whites need to talk among themselves about how to change their misconceptions and read about how to do it. The worst part of living in this country is waking up to a society in which the majority of people consider me a third class citizen (since apparently Hispanics are making greater gains). Canada is starting to sound like a pretty nice place.

-- George Thompson, Charlotte

A Striking Difference
I was disappointed by the tone of the article concerning the Charlotte Symphony musicians' strike in the Sept. 24 edition ("Passion, Sacrifice, but Still No Plan," by Perry Tannenbaum). I would have expected more support from a newspaper that historically supports the underdog. If the author had bothered to attend any of the free concerts, speak to any of the musicians during their frequent pickets or read any of their press releases easily found at their website (, he would have realized that the musicians of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra want what any striking worker wants: to return to their job with a decent salary & benefits and not be made to suffer for the incompetence of a wealthy management.

-- Katherine W. Kramer, Charlotte

Trash Talkin' Movies
Thank you for the article, "White Trash" (by Sam Boykin, Sept. 24). In movies the non-white guy is always cooler or more macho than the white guy. The rapist is almost always white and there never is a case of a black raping a white woman. Straight, white, Christian men are always shown in a bad light. Father figures are shown as not caring about the family and not of good character.

It is so bad that you cannot go to any comedy that does not include a man getting kicked in the groin. Even action movies use this for "comic relief."

So the "white trash" term is not an attack on "poor" whites, it is an attack on the white race, because the "poor white trash" are the ones who want to stay white and do not want any part of your melting pot. This is their real offense, they want to keep their white identity and they are proud of their Southern heritage and make no excuses for it.

-- Robert D. Ross, Charlotte

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