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I just finished reading Tara Servatius' article on Ray's Splash Planet ("For The Children," July 24) and I have two questions: Where did CL get a journalist as interesting and informative as Ms. Servatius and why isn't the Observer, with all of its staff, able to do the same type of investigative work that Tara puts out week after week? I've been reading CL on and off for the past seven years but now find myself purposefully picking up your paper each week to find out what's going on in town. Why haven't I seen anything on the wonderful Splash Planet in the Observer? Why isn't the Observer telling the public that when we approve a $100 million bond referendum that we actually give Helms and Co. the ability to spend $167 million?

To John Grooms and staff, keep up the great work. It won't be long before CL will be able to charge 50 cents per paper and they will be trying to give away the Observer for free. -- Chris Payton, Charlotte

It's Only HumanRegarding "Apparent Confusion" by Lucy Perkins (CL, July 17): Having been a parent four times myself, I suggest Lucy will one day perhaps have a bit of regret over "going so public" with her unexamined feelings. Lucy, we are all human beings, right? Human beings are primarily animals, and being from the animal kingdom we must by our nature all begin our lives as "infants," "toddlers," "babies," "brats," "litters," whatever you want to call them little sons-a-bitches that (you say) so infuriate you. We humans cannot have it any other way. That's the problem in a nutshell; no one can help being a little guy once in his or her life. And little guys do happen to get in the way of others at times, but that is just part of life itself. While on the subject of nature, I will add that we all have to die one day, too. Both of these unhappy conditions befall all of us, and we have to make way for them one way or the other. People on either end of this spectrum are sometimes hard to deal with, they do get in our way and upset our pleasant little apple carts from time to time, but at some point in your life you will find that they are you! And when you are in one of those conditions in life, you will surely be better off if someone is close by loving you instead of despising you!

And thanks for the excellent provocative writing.

-- William M. Cowhig III, CharlotteSingular SensationThank you, Elizabeth Chapel, I agree with you completely ("Parents Just Don't Understand," July 17). I, too, have experienced and/or witnessed everything she mentions in her column. It's about time someone spoke up for us. I could go on and on, but she said it all and said it well for so many of us. Thank you from us all. -- Name withheld by request

You Sort It OutI've had enough. Tell the TV stations we don't really care who told us first. That when they sensationalize a story only to tell us it was in Oklahoma or Bullshit, Texas makes us feel angry. Duke Power should stand up and admit (fat chance) that they suck, and are doing spin control (a bad job I might say) and that they have robbed us all. Their own man is snitching them out and CL is not keeping it out front. No wonder BofA's profits are up. They robbed me. I got a bonus check from a company that is with BofA. Now my understanding is that this company pays BofA to hold the money and honor their checks right. So why does BofA charge me three dollars to cash a check that they are being paid to honor? The big three are robbing the poor man blind. If CL wants to be a leader than publicize wrongdoing no matter who buys your ads. I ain't no gay boy, but Rhino tells more truth. There is enough bullshit going on around here to fill a 55-gallon barrel. Y'all do so much good yet ignore so much bad. No one should have to read Jerry Klein's bullshit for as long as you had it. Be one way or the other but don't be two-faced. Jesus, everyone in this town is either hiding, covering up, or being two-faced. Ain't none of you got no balls. Ask BofA why they suck, and when they lie slam them. That's what the folks that support you want. Go get the truth, like you did when you started, and wasn't making any money. Funny how money makes you just like the people you started out exposing. Try me I ain't sceeered. -- Keith Hamilton, Huntersville

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