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To The Editors:

Re: Letters to the Editor, "SouthPark I" and "SouthPark II" (CL, March 27): Obviously, Ken Davies is not solely concerned in preserving the neighborhoods surrounding SouthPark, or he would not be starting his own tanning business, LuxTan, Inc., in SouthPark. If Davies is so supportive of the Center City Plan which promotes businesses being uptown, why won't his new business be operating uptown?! How do you think SouthPark residents will feel about this?

It is really Luke McGinniss and Frank Summers who have been misinformed. Being former employees of Davies, we have personal knowledge that he is using this lawsuit for publicity.

Luke McGinniss should have bothered to do the work that is involved in actually covering the issue of Davies' real estate litigation experience. Could lack of experience possibly explain why Davies is working pro bono?

Apparently, Frank Summers is anticipating a loss in the state appellate court, or he wouldn't be assuming that it "could send the case to the North Carolina Supreme Court." No confidence in your attorney or your case? Can't say that we blame you.

Christy Graham
Misty Mitchell <

SouthPark Naysayers Make Me Laugh

To The Editors:

Recently, I've enjoyed a good giggle as the famous SouthPark Naysayers, or at least a few of the original few who are still living in Charlotte, continue their anti-mall moaning and miasma of misinformation in CL's letters section.

The latest Naysayer howler is the notion that the addition of two department stores, a few specialty shops, and a couple of parking decks will somehow make Charlotte more polluted. Would someone please tell Ken Davies, Frank V. Summers et al., that SouthPark prevents long car trips and thus reduces emissions because if SouthPark were still a dairy farm, the hordes of shoppers in south Charlotte who feel the regular urge to buy upscale goods would probably be served by a mall somewhere out on I-485. The person who understands this best is Martin Crampton. In 1999, before the SouthPark Mall rezoning vote, I attended a lunch organized by the SouthPark Area Council, an adjunct to the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. If the Naysayers had chosen to accept the invitation issued to them to this lunch, they would have heard Mr. Crampton speak at great length about how SouthPark Mall and SouthPark significantly ease the pressures that outer belt development creates.

The idea that the Naysayers had only 10 minutes to state their case against the rezoning is silly; anyone can petition City Council members and their official counsel every day for months before a vote. Members of the Naysayers routinely attended initial planning meetings and changed SouthPark Mall's rezoning proposal. I also remember when they tried to dart through a zoning loophole that would have required more than a simple majority of City Council members to approve the rezoning. At that time, the Naysayers obviously thought the zoning process was just fine. Why are they litigating now and not before the rezoning vote? Two reasons: the courts closed the loophole and they lost 9-0.

When I was the publisher of SouthPark Magazine, which is a quarterly general interest glossy produced by The Charlotte Observer and not a developer or SouthPark Mall mouthpiece, my primary contact with the Naysayers was through the occasional weak attempt at a rude or semi-threatening voice mail or letter. I giggled then as I giggle now.

Scott Martin

Newly Enlightened

To The Editors:

Well, I've been enlightened. Having believed for years Southerners fought Yankee invaders defending their homes and independence, Lucy Perkins ("Rebel Without A Cause" March 27) now tells me that's "a pile of crap."

It's interesting that Perkins shows the same disdain for her own people and heritage that conquerors have always imposed on subject peoples. What the Romans did to the Celts, what Americans did to Native Americans, and what the Han Chinese are doing to Tibetans is the same strategy -- shame them into believing their traditional ways are backward, and that if they want to be winners in the New Order, they must think and act like their Rulers.

And of course the North fought the first modern war against civilians in a noble crusade to uplift blacks. We must forget that Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, and Minnesota rejected black suffrage in 1867 while military governments stripped many whites of the right to vote in the Southern states. And only an unenlightened rube would recall that the Founders' concept of State sovereignty as a counterbalance to centralized government's tendency to usurp power was swept away by Mr. Lincoln's Revolution, as historian James McPherson approvingly termed it. Once the Radical Republicans and the Northeastern financiers transformed the federal government into a cash cow for Big Business -- which the antebellum agrarian South had always resisted -- the railroads, banks, and arms suppliers pushed for imperial conquest of new markets. In the decades following the Civil War, the Big Business-Big Government steamroller nearly eradicated the Native Americans, killed over 200,000 civilians taking the Philippines after the Spanish-American War, and reduced American workers to vassals.

But that's the old me talking. Lucy tells me it's unenlightened to question government when it's on a noble crusade. So, now that Washington is fighting evil, we must surrender every Constitutional right impeding the search for all those terrorists the Feds let in, and pay any price to defense contractors for useless, obscenely expensive weapons. Meanwhile, Lucy will target the Confederate flag and all other vestiges of local heritage and local self-government until there are no independent bodies to resist Washington's growing power over our lives. Keep shining that light, Lucy.

Michael C. Tuggle
State Chair, NC League of the South

Lucy Doesn't Belong In 18th Century

To The Editors:

How "urbane" can someone be who can't make it in South Carolina or Chicago? Ms. Perkins' sophomoric attempt to trash South Carolina is merely an exercise in ignorance. Ms. Perkins continues to suck up to the NAACP by beating the "flag" dead horse. I assume her gnat's-eye view of history will make her come out in favor of "Reparations." [Editor's note: see Lucy Perkins' column on reparations in last week's issue.]

South Carolina is merely a geographical area and unless an unhappy one bitches about the weather or the terrain, they are bitching about individual human beings. Unless one names those individuals openly, one is a moral hypocrite and an intellectual coward. She calls herself a "liberal," but she is the antithesis of the Classic Liberal of the 18th Century, like Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and George Washington. She is more like the Hillary Clinton liberal.

Charles Blackwell
York, SC

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