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Freedom, not force

I was absolutely disgusted when I read the article about Amtrak security in the newest issue ("Amtrak ramps up security" by Cheris Hodges, March 5). The last thing we need is another whining coward in the media complaining that we still have too much freedom and not enough security. If I could get the Supreme Court to appoint me president, that spooky Orwellian Department of Homeland Security would be gone by the end of January.

I have another trip scheduled on Amtrak next month, and if they treat me like a criminal the way the Airport Gestapo does, it will be my last trip on Amtrak.

I wonder why people are not as passionate about the 4th and 14th Amendments as they are about the 2nd? Remember when we were the "land of the free and home of the brave"? How easily we abandoned it in favor of the illusion of safety.

-- David Preston, Charlotte

Practice what you preach

American corporate managers send jobs to India because Indians work for slave wages ("Observer sends jobs to India" by Cheris Hodges, Feb. 13). College grads often start working for as little as $100 per month. We fought a war in this country to end slavery here over 130 years ago, but we still practice it offshore. Because of this, Wal-Mart, to use the best example, has cost Americans far more in lost wages than they have ever saved us at the cash register.

-- J. Trice, Huntersville

Fear mongering

Once again, the politics of fear are being played in another presidential campaign. What is the purpose of circulating the picture of Obama wearing a turban and traditional Kenyan attire (The CLog: "The Turbanator" by John Groom, Feb. 26)? I would say that it is the same reason that many of the right-wing pundits are stressing Obama's middle name of Hussein (that happens to be Arabic as well as the last name of the former leader of Iraq) that was given to him by his father (who happened to be a Muslim).

The last presidential campaign's "politics of fear" gave us Osama in a turban. Now we are getting Obama in a turban. One's race or religion should not matter in America when comes to politics and justice, but unfortunately, it does to many.

Obama is a Christian, with Islamic lineage on his father's side. He has the opportunity to present the best of both worlds, black and white, Christian and Muslim, and be a uniting factor. Let's hope that the politics of fear will be conquered by the politics of hope/change. After eight years under the Bush regime, I think that many Americans are indeed ready for a change.

-- Jibril Hough, Charlotte

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