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Hypocrisy causes outsourcing

Regarding Cheris Hodges' article ("Observer Sends Jobs to India," Feb. 13), The Observer's defense for outsourcing jobs sounds like a classic case of the drowning man taking the ship down with him. From all manner of businesses you hear the same old song. "We have to be able to compete. We have to keep costs low." Businesses presumably regret the state of affairs, but they heap kindling on the fire that is burning our economy down. We say that immigration is an issue, but no one complains about the cheap labor immigrants (illegal or otherwise) provide. Isn't this a form of in-house outsourcing? We bemoan the state of the economy, jumping at the shadows of recession, but will we buy locally to keep money flowing through the local economy? Hell no. We blow our paychecks at the nearest Wal-Mart, Target, or some other company whose revenue drains local economy.

This hypocrisy needs to end before we see any improvement; on the level of business management, and on the consumer level.

-- J.A. McRennary, Charlotte

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