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Driven Response

While your list (Boomer With Attitude: "Watch out, you jerk!" by John Grooms, Jan. 30) is pretty comprehensive for bad drivers everywhere, I think you left out the most insidious Charlotte-specific frustrating driver -- the No Left Turner. These are drivers who get in the left hand turn lane at a traffic light but don't pull into the intersection and don't go when the light turns yellow, or when it turns red, so that nobody makes it through the light. I seem to be behind these people every day. Almost equally as frustrating (but less so because they're really just being nice) are drivers who stop in front of me (when there is no light or stop sign requiring it) just to allow others to turn into the traffic flow from cross streets. I have never seen this phenomenon anywhere outside of Charlotte.

-- Tom Rossi, Huntersville

I loved your article "Watch out, you jerk!" It was so true and you hit each one on head. The only driver not mentioned was the brake rider. Constantly pushing the brake and no one's in front of them. What's up with that? Just drive!

-- Misti Henley, Charlotte

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