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Pretend Heroes

I read the Letters section in this week's Creative Loafing (Sept. 19) with sad resignation. It seems a small minority of our citizens worships authority so highly that they feel frightened and angered when reality intrudes on their cherished beliefs.

One writer demands that Billy Graham be held above reproach, while the next blames "liberals" who irrationally hate our president for tearing our nation apart.

What they really seem to be saying is, please don't shine the light of reason upon their idols. Pretend heroes are all conservatives have left.

-- Michael Clark, Charlotte

Pot, meet kettle

While I agree that placing nooses on a tree is of extremely bad taste, I have a hard time calling it a crime (The N Word: A Culture of Hate by Nsenga Burton, Sept. 19). To even try and equate placing a noose on a tree with nearly beating the life out of someone shows a lack of judgement. The person(s) who placed the nooses on the tree did a bad thing, but it doesn't come anywhere near practically killing someone. If you had done some research on this situation, you would have realized that there was no connection between the tree incident and the beating. But, to even try to rationalize this beating as vigilantism is horrendous. You should be ashamed for even thinking that. Are you trying to suggest that vigilantism is OK? Does that mean anytime some black person does something wrong to a white person, that it is OK for any white person anywhere in America to nearly beat to death some random black person? Bringing up the tree incident is just the black community's way of trying to justify what those six black boys did to that one white boy. Justifying the crime these boys did to the white boy shows how much the black community does not have their senses about them. In your article you try to make the tree incident seem like a horrendous hate crime. But, you don't even touch on the fact that six black boys beating a white boy is an even more horrendous hate crime. You mention that the tree incident should be investigated and those found guilty should be charged with a hate crime. Yet, you don't mention that the six black boys aren't even charged with a hate crime, never mind rallying for it. In fact you don't even mention that it is a hate crime. Isn't a hate crime a hate crime regardless of who is being prosecuted? Or can hate crimes only pertain when they are against blacks? Rather than condemning these boys for what they did, you are standing up for them. What kind of message are you trying to send out? That beating the crap out of somebody is OK because the black community will rally for you no matter what? You are a hypocrite for condemning the tree incident as a hate crime and not condemning the black boys for almost killing someone. But, what should we expect from someone from the black community. After all, I never heard Sharpton, Jackson or the NAACP publicly apologize to the Duke boys for convicting them in public before the case was tried. You talk about love, but it has to go both ways, just like hate crimes.

-- Andrew Zapisocki, Charlotte

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