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Content on this page is in response to Tara Servatius' story "Pimps Slapped!" published Jan. 24.

No Escape Clause

Let's not pretend in this era of women's rights that these women had no other choice in life, despite the fact that they may have been limited and not as financially rewarding. Pimps don't go knocking on people's doors, demanding that women prostitute themselves. Yes, pimps are disgusting criminal losers with their own mental problems, but the women who get involved with them are used to men treating them that way and find it appealing and even arousing. Men know this to be true and so do women. It's why many men deliberately treat women badly, because they know they will become obsessed with them through some weird childhood traumatization of not properly bonding with a present or absent father figure.

These women could have at any time picked up the phone and told the police exactly what was going on and would've been placed in protective custody. The fact that it was a black man with some white women involved makes it the reverse of slavery to white people, so it's much worse than if the pimp had been white. It's almost as if sexism and capitalism combine with racism to make all three of them worse. Why capitalism? Because the way the U.S. implements capitalism ensures that there will always be millions of poor and thousands of rich people. People with few or limited options end up making the wrong decisions. It's not their fault. Maybe it's not the pimp's fault either.

Women don't deserve any more breaks or excuses than men do for their behavior. This double standard needs to stop. When women make bad decisions, especially under the influence, they always act as if they had no choice when they sober up in the daytime and don't want others to think badly about them. They will even lie in court to prevent it. It's just like the GGW (Girls Gone Wild) who sue the producers when they agreed to do the dirty deed while they were drunk and/or high. Sorry, ladies, but agreeing to do something that makes you look like a slut does not include an escape clause for intoxication.

-- George Thompson, Charlotte

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