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I just finished reading your article "The Black Atlantic" (Dec. 27) and felt compelled to write.

I hesitated somewhat as I can see that you are still grieving the passing of your mother; however, I felt if I did not do this now I would never get it done.

I had meant to write on an earlier occasion after finding your 2002 article about the Allman Brothers Band. I put that off for some reason, and through the business of everyday life, just never got around to it. My reason for writing then was to thank Kandia Crazy Horse for writing an article on my favorite band of all time.

I wondered then, as I started to wonder again today, if she has ever thought of writing a book about the Allman Brothers Band?

I know it has been done before, but I think there is much more of a story to tell. I can't exactly put my finger on why, but my gut feeling is that Kandia is the person to do it.

-- John Bowes, Ontario, Canada


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Fantasia: I am so happy to hear you ("Fantasia: The user-generated interview," Jan. 10) want to further your education. I wish you the best of everything you are trying to do and you are not forgetting where you came from. Whatever you do, get that diploma and some college experience under your belt to and always keep god first and you will make it no matter what.

-- chocolite865

If you want clean, go nuclear: Nuclear technology ("Power for the People," Jan. 3) is the only practical method for cleanly generating this amount of power.

-- Mel

Keck! not Dreck, you unimaginative hate-mongers!: So many angry comments ("Claymation or Treacle?" Dec. 20). Hard to tell where the constructive criticisms lie.

Clay Aiken reminds me of one of those easy-listening artists from the early ninties, so I guess if you like that kind of music than good for you. I don't have an ear for that sort of thing so I can't say whether Aiken is fantastic or horrible, but I can say that this article seems like your presenting us with too many ideas in too little words. In your mind, Keck, you see this thing, this foul idea of an industry that had once been a product of the people and has now become 'The Machine'. It is especially frustrating when you've seen this take-over in your lifetime and couldn't stop it.

Clay Aiken is a well known and cherished American Idol because he is putting his money to positive use. You wrote that yourself. His sexual preference really isn't our business and it is childish to continuously barrage him with the question. How would you feel if complete strangers asked that question everyday. You could scream "I love pussy" until your lungs burst, but I gaurentee you will punch a few noses along the way.

Oh yeah, Studdard is still around in the soul/ r&b music. His second album was the highest earning album among all the American Idols.

-- BlueNaga

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