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Could we get some free shoes?

Just wanted to say thanks again for including us in your piece ("O Come All Ye Funky," Dec. 6). The story (and photos) looked great, and we've gotten an awesome response.

We really appreciate the support -- it means a lot to the small, independent guy. Please keep us in mind, and let us know if we can ever help out on any future projects.

-- Josh Frazier, Black Sheep Skate Shop co-owner

PRP represents!

I enjoyed your article "Join the Club" (Nov. 22) concerning purchasing wine over the internet or from wine clubs. In this article you advised that you had attended a wine tasting of 15 wines from PRP International (actually PRP Wine International) and only found two "palatable" wines out of the 15. This is what is unique about PRP Wine Int'l that is different from the internet sites and wine clubs: you are able to taste the wines before purchase. This in turn saves wine consumers time and money since the wines they purchase are wines they know they will enjoy. When you purchase wine on the internet or from wine clubs, you have a high chance that the wines being shipped will not match your palate, therefore resulting in the wine being poured in the sink or thrown away. And, since you only sampled 15 wines and dismissed them as mostly non palatable, you missed out on the other 100+ wines available from PRP. And with PRP Wine Int'l, you have a wine consultant that helps you find wines in our inventory through sampling that matches your palate, again, helping you find wine that you enjoy without having to purchase bottles of wine. The other uniqueness of PRP Wine is that all our wines are true vintage fine wines that are all natural with no preservatives added and handcrafted by wine families from around the world. I am sure if you had given PRP Wine additional information about your wine preferences, you would have found more wines that meet your palate.

-- Gean Smith, Charlotte

Wine Consultant, PRP Wine International

Repining racing research

I enjoyed reading your article on the Buck Baker Racing School ("Go Speed Racer, Go!" Nov. 22). However, if the school was only founded 25 years ago, he was not the first racer to start one. Curtis Turner, who also co-founded what was then Charlotte Motor Speedway, ran a racing school in 1967 and 1968 at the speedway. His partners were Joie Chitwood and some guy -- don't remember his name -- who had a heavy equipment school.

Other than that, it was well-written and very entertaining.

-- Bill Youngblood, Charlotte


The photo on the cover of last week's issue, "O Come All Ye Funky," should have been credited to Joeff Davis. We apologize for the oversight.

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