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White supremacy, Mecklenburg county politics


Cry of Hypocrisy

In response to all of the self righteous anti-racists (who wrote in commenting on John Sugg's cover story "Inside the Secret World of White Supremacy," Nov. 1) thank you for showing us what hypocrites you are. You paint all racially conscious people with the same broad brush, thus demonstrating your own prejudice.

You say you hate the racist. Why do you hate them? Because you say they are "haters." Is it so wrong to want to see your own kind continue to exist on the face of the Earth? There are "white separatists" and "white nationalists" and your favorite group, "white supremacists." These are very different ideologies and among them, some are Christian, some Pagan and some are atheist. But you want to lump them all together and then say that they are all ignorant! If anyone said all [fill in the blank] were ignorant, then you would immediately say, "That is bias," except for the "evil white racists" (trademark).

I have noticed that it is the Egalitarians who have to explore all kinds of ridiculous theories in order to explain crime statistics, school test scores or bank lending practices. This does not, however, confound anyone with an open mind and who is willing to accept the truth.

-- Robert Ross, Charlotte

Untouchable Voters

This is in response to Tara Servatius' article on the changing faces of Mecklenburg county politics ("So Blue," Nov. 15) as votes increase towards Unaffiliated and Democrat rather than Republican. This recent political dynamic reflects Charlotte's emerging population boom where our newest residents are neither staunch Republicans nor Democrats and not necessarily younger voters. Both major political parties were complaining over their overt failures to connect with Unaffiliated voters. Democratic and Republican party leaders will have to either start now or wait until 2008 to reach out beyond their partisan comfort zones.

-- Adrian DeVore, Charlotte

Terrorists -- The Real Winners?

I believe the Republicans deserved to lose, but the Democrats did not deserve to win ("Thank God and Hallelujah," Nov. 15). The Republicans had lousy leadership in the House and the Senate, they botched the immigration issue, and they didn't really address health care effectively. But tax cuts created the incentive for a good economy, jobs increased, and the jobless rate was down. The Democrats' only issue was surrender -- get out of Iraq.

The real winners of the national election were the Islamic terrorists. The losers, Western civilization. Did you happen to read the recent editorial in the Charlotte Observer by Bernard Lewis regarding Islam? Apparently you did not. This is not a war against different groups or just Iraq. This is a war against worldwide Islamic terrorism. They struck well before 9/11. They have caused havoc in the Philippines, France, Russia, Bali, Spain, England, Africa, Israel. They murdered in the Netherlands, and they strike against the Muslims who do not believe in their form of religion. I'm sure they are praying, in their own perverted way, that the Democrats gain complete control so they will be dealing with a U.S. Neville Chamberlain.

My son-in-law is a Marine. He has not been deployed to Iraq. Yes, the men and women of the Army, Navy, and Marines, and their families, have had a very tough time going back to the Middle East two and three times, but I deeply resent (and I'm sure my son-in-law would deeply resent) that you accuse Bush of shredding and demoralizing our fighting forces. On that subject you are pathetically ignorant!

-- Ed Mesko, Charlotte

John Grooms' Response: Thanks for the input on the column. I enjoyed it, as I can't remember the last time I saw so many rationalizations for failures in one place. I've seen the light, though, and you're right. Dems are evil, Reps are actually competent, the war was a great idea and has been handled brilliantly, and the majority of Americans aren't really disgusted by the way the GOP has veered the country off-course.

My Christmas wish for you is that you'll disengage from the Limbaugh-Hannity-Coulter rightwing echo chamber long enough to come up for air and look around.

I respect your right to believe what you believe, but we're obviously just going to have to agree to disagree on these issues.

Thanks again.

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