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'Poll results censored'


Gone To Pot

While I understand that your paper publishes views of all interest, I am appalled at your survey "Poll Results Censored" (Boomer With Attitude, John Grooms, Aug. 23). From a global perspective, people tend to read articles, surveys, etc., and form an opinion. In forming their opinion, they tend to influence others. As a result of your survey, people are misled on very important issues, such as the behavior of their elected officials. I am sure in your "comedic fiction" you gave some thought as to the repercussions the questions and answers would have on elected officials and our community. If you had done your research, you would have noted the average person would not know such a survey initially was a "joke" as the average person does not read the ending in fine print. Elected officials have families and friends and tend to be positive role models within the community, and I as an elected official did not appreciate such a survey. We, the community, especially the African-American community, have enough difficulty getting elected and standing strong for justice and equality without a biased, erroneous survey that erodes the minds of the average constituent. I am sure you are a talented person, but this survey does not show your skills, as anyone could have put something of this nature together.

--Valerie C. Woodard
County Commissioner

John Grooms Responds: Ms. Woodard, who was named the county commissioner most likely to have smoked pot in the "survey," underestimates the average person. Anyone who read a column that began, "An extensive investigation and five margaritas have revealed ...," and didn't grasp that the tone of the column was comedic, probably needs to lay off reading dull government documents for awhile. I commend Ms. Woodard, however, on her own gift for satire. Coming from an official who refused to stop placing the county seal on her campaign literature, even after a county attorney told her the practice violated county policy, Ms. Woodard's statement that elected officials tend to be positive role models had me smiling.

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