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Letters No "Creative" Impact

No "Creative" Impact

When I first read about Richard Florida's "Creative Class" at, I emailed the link to the mayor and the entire city council ("Be Creative or Die," October 9). I heard back from a few, but judging from their plans to go ahead with a new arena, the message didn't make much of an impact. Let's hope the arena is just a bit of unfinished business to be cleared up before our civic leaders turn from their old ways and embrace the new reality. Sure. Around here, being a decade or two behind the curve is considered a virtue.

--Al Christensen, Charlotte

Spare The Spin

Alas, one reporter is so cynical as to believe that true love and being in love cannot last a lifetime ("So You're in Love, Huh?" Tara Servatius, September 25) and another feels that gay couples are to be admired in some special and wonderful way ("Broken Up," October 2 and "What's The Difference?" October 9, Elizabeth Chapel).

The first reporter in question is little more than a young cynic. After 20 plus years and living, loving and raising two children with my dear wife, I can assure her that we are more deeply in love today than we were when we said "I do." If she refuses to accept that the state of "being in love" truly exists and can be everlasting, it's her problem and her subject for therapy, not ours.

As for the latter reporter, please spare us the liberal drivel that spins reality in the name of what amounts to selective tolerance and bigotry of another kind.

Love is what it is, no more and no less, perhaps the most wonderful of God's gifts. I find it amusing that liberals most often use words such as "gay" or "black" when describing couples and or demographic trends.

Gay couples do not deserve special notice or recognition any more than certain killings and or assaults need to be called hate crimes, a crime is a crime, a dedicated couple is a dedicated couple, spare me the spin.

--Kelly Boatright, Charlotte

Really Focus on Human Rights

As a gay man, I feel it necessary to respond to a letter printed in your paper entitled, "Out of Her League" by Nicole Anderson Auger on October 9.

1) You stated that, "Gays...appear to take their relationships more seriously because they are...extroverts crying out for acceptance...due to the...benefit they get from reliving episodes of rejection." I would love for you to show me a person who loves to "relive... rejection'. No one does, so why would gays be different?

2) I would love to hear how you have come to develop the idea that "Gay relationships are based entirely on deviant sexual behavior..." I cannot even count the many stories I've heard about men and women sleeping around with each other while dating or being married to another.

3) The ironic point is what you say is the "real issue." You state, "...gays feel what they do in the bedroom somehow entitles them to special rights." Special rights?! I never knew that legalized marriages, adoption and equality are special rights.

So let us take the advice you gave us -- "We are better off focusing on human rights..." I will if you will, and hopefully I will see you on the front line as an ally for all human's rights.

--Joey Baez, Charlotte

Keeping Up With Jones

It is a journalist's obligation to report facts and to enlighten the public. There are far too many untold secrets within the Mecklenburg Family Courts and Bar Association. Thank you Tara Servatius for sharing one of those secrets with the public ("Along Came Jones," October 2).

It is appalling enough for those of us who were litigants in Judge William G. Jones' court to see that he has not been held accountable by the Judicial Standards Commission for alleged violations of judicial ethical codes.

It is equally appalling that you, Ron Chapman, (Letters, "No Deal," October 16) are an attorney and should be aware you have a legal responsibility and an obligation to the Myers family as their acting Guardian ad Litem through the Children's Law Center. Not only have you breached the confidentiality of this relationship, you have inappropriately spewed certain aspects of this case in a public forum. By doing this you have violated these innocent children's right to privacy and protection.

Any reasonable person should assume that Judge Jones took early retirement as a result of the intensive SBI investigation as an effort to leave in dignity rather than have his reputation further tarnished.

Most do not know Judge William Jones accepted an appointment as Commissioner over a Fatherhood Program, which smells of conflict to a reasonable citizen. Most attorneys know that Parental Alienation Syndrome is misused and is a bogus diagnosis in order to protect abusive fathers and to switch custody from protective mothers. The public is aware William Jones and Katie Holliday take credit for starting the Children's Law Center. Your decision to throw a life preserver to Jones by attacking the parent quoted in this article is a clear indication of exactly whose camp you reside in.

--Lora Corson, Charlotte

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