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Letters and online comments from the readers (July 26 edition)

In which a reader gives thanks


Paperless Thanks

This is a brief note to thank you for making a very courageous decision. I just read that your publication had decided to stop using the "i" word ("Drop the i-word," July 5) when referring to "paperless" Hispanic immigrants. I agree that much like the "n" word, the "I" word has come to have a disparaging connotation. In fact, I have opted to use the word "paperless" when referring to this group. The reason I chose paperless for undocumented immigrants is because years ago, an Italian immigrant told me quite candidly that when his folks arrived, they were called WOPS. Like the word "illegal," this word became a disparaging reference to Italian immigrants who had arrived here "with out papers," hence said acronym.

Too bad our illustrious journalists continue using a word that is totally unnecessary in relating a story. I'm a former Texas newspaper reporter who works as a freelance journalist now. But I am not proud of how fast and loose journalists use the word "illegal" when referencing undocumented folks. So again, I want to thank you for your courageous decision.

— Rosie Carbo, Texas

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