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Letters and online comments from the readers (July 19 edition)

In which one commenter talks hipster socialism



History lesson

Thought I would add a little history to your article ("Fight for your right to fight," June 28) which disparaged the "tombstone" with [Ella May Wiggins'] name misspelled. For many years, I never saw her name spelled any way other than "Mae," and if you do a Web search, many instances will be found with that spelling. For about 50 years after the death of Ella Wiggins, the only marker on her grave was a rock.

This was remedied, not by "a women's group" but by the Charlotte Labor Council AFL-CIO, which raised money for, purchased and dedicated a large granite monument for her grave site with the words "She Died Carrying The Torch of Social Justice." I represented my Communications Workers of America Local on the Labor Council for several years beginning in the mid 1970s and took part in the effort. I cannot recall precisely the date in 1979 that the marker was dedicated. I do know that living relatives were contacted and invited to participate. For whatever reason they chose not to take part. A dedication ceremony was held and regardless of misspelling a large monument stands today honoring the life and sacrifice of Ella Wiggins.

— Charlie Newton, Concord

News editor Ana McKenzie replies: The AFL-CIO put the marker up in 1979. However, Kristina Horton, Wiggins' great-granddaughter, confirmed that there were several attempts by organizations, including the National Organization for Women, to honor Ella May's legacy.

Hipster socialism

For a critic you (Matt Brunson) sure are all over the place when you're rating movies. For example, That's My Boy was a great movie. It was a comedy meant to make you laugh and it did just that. If a movie sets out to accomplish what it intended to do then it did its job. I can't believe you gave 73 to Prometheus (review at, June 8). It was full of plot holes and inconsistencies. I really don't know how you go about rating your movies. I picture you as the pretentious hipster who knows shitall about what REAL entertainment is and only rates movies on the merit of whether or not it fits your hipster socialist and politically correct ideologies. Fuck You.

— critics are dumbshit

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