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Letters and online comments from the readers (Aug. 2 edition)

One person asks, how can voters trust Pat McCrory to be governor?


Don't Pick Pat

In your recent sit-down interview with Pat McCrory (July 26), the Republican candidate claims, "in my past experience as mayor for 14 years, there was no breach of ethics, no hint of corruption ... " That claim is simply not true.

For example, McCrory testified before Congress, as mayor of Charlotte, against clean air standards — regulations that would have cost McCrory's employer, Duke Energy, about $600 million. However, during McCrory's testimony, he never once mentioned that he was employed by an energy company. The clear conflict of interest was noted in the editorial pages of the Charlotte Observer.

McCrory's refusal to admit conflicts of interest as mayor or in his new job with a Charlotte lobbying firm is at the heart of the controversy surrounding him. If McCrory can't come clean about his tax returns, client list or how he's made a living all these years, then how can voters trust him to be governor?

— Gerrick Brenner, Progress NC Action

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