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Let's embarrass the landlord


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If you were looking to start a Web site complaining about run-down apartment complexes and lousy landlords, too late. Someone beat you to it. Some east Charlotte resident has decided to take their carping to the blogosphere with a blog,, and a MySpace page that's presumably aimed at shaming its targets.

The first month's target is Lake Point Apartments off Albemarle Road. The complex, described on the blog as the "Dump of the Month," is derided for its management, maintenance difficulties and crime. "I broke my lease after they found that body in the front lake," reads one anonymous commenter. (A teenager was found dead in a lake on the complex grounds in February 2005, The Charlotte Observer reported at the time.) The MySpace page includes crime and code enforcement data.

It's not clear whether the voice behind the blog is an outraged neighbor or a disgruntled renter. As to what Lake Point thinks -- a woman answering the phone at the complex office declined to comment.


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