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Letha Taylor

Consultant to the stars



Letha Taylor, self-styled "consultant" to the stars, lives by the motto, "If I can't make it happen then, I know someone who can." What does that mean exactly? Read on:

In her role as a consultant, Taylor works to provide support to celebs (singers, bands, actors, etc.) who come to town on business. And while doing her job, she can find herself performing a number of divergent duties: from catering an event to setting up ground transportation to securing hotels and more.

A native of Aiken, S.C., Taylor didn't set out to only work for folks in the entertainment industry. But, according to her, "Celebrities just come my way. And I don't think anyone else would pay me what I want for what I do."

Her first consultant job was in Atlanta, running errands for the comedian Earthquake.

In college, Taylor studied acting -- and recently she put her education to good use by starring in a Food Lion commercial.

When she's not working, she spends time watching the Style Channel and shopping for shoes at local shops like Sweet Repeats on East Boulevard. And when searching for footwear, she's on the hunt for, "Anything that looks exotic."

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