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Bills before the General Assembly



Here's a compendium of proposals -- some good, some bad -- before the General Assembly. Some bills will die an ignominious death in committee, their sponsors knowing the measure never had a chance. Others, God forbid, will pass. By some stroke of luck, a few of the good ideas may make it too.

Make alcohol inhalers illegal (HB 267).

Require companies entering into contracts with the state to examine and disclose any historical evidence of participation or profit from slavery (HB 298).

More than $172 million to compensate people who were sterilized under North Carolina's eugenics program between 1928 and 1975 (HB 296).

Require schools to give parents information about cervical cancer, cervical dysplasia, human papillomavirus and the vaccines that can prevent those diseases (SB 260).

Require people who aren't citizens to show a passport before getting a North Carolina driver's license (SB 295).

Require state retirement funds to divest of companies that do business with Sudan or have financial ties to genocide in Darfur (HB 291).

Allow nurses and pharmacists, not just doctors as previously allowed, to refuse to prescribe or dispense drugs or devices that cause abortions (HB 155).

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