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Learn to ride, courtesy of Harley-Davidson



Want to learn how to ride a motorcycle? Well, other than checking out the 22-hour course at CPCC we mentioned earlier this issue, you can head to Harley-Davidson of Charlotte on Independence Boulevard. The shop offers a safety and training course, called Rider's Edge, that teaches anyone (including first-time riders) the rules of the road.

"The foundation of the curriculum was designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and then enhanced and endorsed by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. What you're doing is, you're not just learning how to ride, but you're learning how to ride safely," said Harley-Davidson of Charlotte owner Ken Lipack.

Rider's Edge is an expanded teaching tool that differs from traditional classes that are offered at community colleges, Lipack said.

"This is actually two evenings and two full days. There is expanded information about proper riding gear [and] more information about motorcycles and the different clubs ... and different opportunities and places to ride," he said. "Different ways to get more information about the sport and information about the different lines of Harley-Davidson motorcycles."

Rider's Edge, which costs $325, supplies the motorcycles and the gear each rider will need — they even throw in lunch. And once a participant completes the class, he or she is exempt from taking the road portion of the state license exam. Classes are limited to 11 students.

"We just added two additional classes to the schedule because they're filling up more quickly than normal," he said, adding that rising gas costs have renewed interest in motorcycles. "We saw this about two years ago when gas got close to $5 a gallon."

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Learn to ride, courtesy of Harley-Davidson

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