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Laurie Koster describes her connection to the music industry as "a local and regional music liaison, web designer, representative, confidant and reference point for artists, venues, media, press, booking agents and promoters." Her Web site (, which was started in early 2003, is a great place to find in-depth info on upcoming shows around town.

• "New Year" by Mike Strauss

• "Just Like Birds" by Rick Spreitzer

• "One Penny Two" by Justin Hulsey

• "A Song in Your Name" by Sun Domingo

• "Cobra" by My Morning Jacket

• "Summer Teeth" by Jack Redell

• "Two Conversations" by Bill Reveles

• "Home" by Simplified

• "Grace Kelly" by Mika

• "Sarah's Lament" by Wayne Robbins & The Hellsayers

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