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Lauren Misera's Top Five

Cardiac rehab intern



Lauren Misera recently received her undergraduate degree in health fitness from East Carolina University and has begun work at Wake Med as a cardiac rehab intern.

1) Movie Stars: "Tom Hanks. Reese Witherspoon. Ben Stiller."

2) Music: "I like all the popular stuff, anything that's easy on the ears like Jack Johnson, John Mayor, Coldplay and The Fray."

3) Books: "I'll read any books by Mitch Albom or Jennifer Weiner."

4) Movies: "Walk the Line was a great movie. As for some of my long time favorites I would have to say Pretty Woman and Top Gun. I thought 40 Year Old Virgin was hilarious!"

5) Travel: "I have been lucky enough to travel a lot with my family. I've been all over Europe; France, Germany, England, Belgium and Holland but my favorite place to travel is definitely the Caribbean. It's so peaceful and soothing. The water and scenery is so beautiful. My family is from Montreal so we have gone many times to visit and the city [Montreal] is really amazing. There is always something to do; great entertainment, delicious food and exciting nightlife. I love how no matter how cold it is, kids are always outside playing. The city has such a positive vibe to it."

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