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Laura Nealy's Top Five

Owner of Top Down Productions


Laura Nealy is the owner of Top Down Productions, a seven-year-old production company and booking agency for electronic dance music events and artists. In the past, she has brought EDM DJs like Boy George, Crystal Method and Fat Boy Slim to Charlotte.

1) Books: Anything that is self-help or get-rich-quick plans. "Anybody can improve themselves one way or another."

2) Music: Although she obviously likes EDM, she listens "to other stuff, too, like Stevie Nix, Billie Holiday, Def Leppard."

3) Movies: "The Color Purple and Field of Dreams because they're tear-jerkers, and everyone needs a good cry every now and then."

4) Restaurants: New Zealand Café. "They have great sushi. I am a reformed Rusan's patron. I would also have to say Dish."

5) Nightclubs: Eden, Velocity, and Amos' SouthEnd -- the places most of the events she hosts are held.

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