Late Bloomer, Old Flings, One Another, 25 Minutes to Go, Stepdad SS

When: Fri., March 15 2013

LATE BLOOMER Punk rockers appropriated country iconoclast Harlan Howard’s “Three chords and the truth” quote as genre definition. In truth, punk is more diffuse and slippery than that. No one knows this better than Late Bloomer bassist Josh Robbins. Former leader of hardcore outfit Meth Mountain, Robbins migrated to alt-Americana crew Pullman Strike before forming his current power trio with Pullman’s guitarist Neil Mauney and veteran punk drummer and Lunchbox Records honcho Scott Wishart. Compared to noisy ’90s bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Superchunk, Late Bloomer certainly has the detuned guitar squall and lo-fi distant vocals that recall the flannel decade, but the mutated surf licks of the Dead Kennedys and the free jazz-influenced drumming of Dutch agit-prop punks The Ex also crop up as influences. Catchy Descendents-style melodies are buried in Late Bloomer’s post-punk rumble and have to be sifted out like fine gems. In this, they resemble Dim Stars, the one-off catchy-noisy-experimental collaboration between members of Sonic Youth and punk poet Richard Hell. Instead of trying to reinvent the punk wheel, Late Bloomer focuses on developing their distinct voice. In that respect, they’ve found their truth. This is their LP release party.

Pat Moran

Price: $5-7


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