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Last week you talked about former Charlotte Observer columnist Mary C. Curtis serving as a guest blogger on your news and culture blog, The CLog. You got any other new stuff going up on Creative Loafing's Web site?



A: Honestly, the main thing I want folks to understand about Creative Loafing online is that, if you like the paper, you'll love what we do on the Web.

The way I see it, our print product is a great weekly snapshot of the city, the country and the world. And it's a great place to run the long-form stories that alternative newspapers are famous for. And it's great to read when you're enjoying a Veg-Less Avenger at Zada Jane's or a meal at some other fine eatery around town.

Our online content, however, is an excellent minute-by-minute snapshot of the city, the country, the world ... and cyberspace on top of that. It's designed for you to check in throughout each day for exclusive articles, info about the city's best events, reviews, photo galleries and more. Plus, we do things on the Web that just can't be done in print -- such as post videos, audio podcasts, music, and links to the latest headlines.

Trust me when I say you'll dig CL's Web offerings.

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