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Enough with the Russert worship! "Their maudlin spectacle -- complete with live TV coverage of mourners passing by Russert's body, lying in state like a deceased President -- was a jaw-dropping indication of how self-important many national media figures really are. Maybe they needed to mourn Russert so openly as a counter to the increased recent criticisms for having been Bush's enablers in the run-up to the war.

Buckhead North: "Really, SouthPark? You can't define your own community without riding Atlanta like a rodeo show?"

If you were wondering about the new Chicago album ... : "The irony today is that the "new" album, Stone of Sisyphus, is ostensibly a return to a sound more reminiscent of the band's early work. If that's true, I guess that's good. But there's also such a thing as being a day late and a dollar short, or in this case, about, ohh, 38 years late."

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