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City Council, take note: "Taser International, the largest producer of Taser weapons, suffered its first defeat in a product liability court case. TI lost a $6.2 million jury verdict last week over the death of a California man ... Once again, I urge City Council to temporarily stop the use of Tasers by police until definitive research can be concluded regarding the weapon's full effects and possible complications. If Council members won't consider a halt in Taser use for fear of killing yet more of the citizens they represent, maybe the thought of a big fat lawsuit will change their minds."

Dead ex in a car: "Maybe I watch too much Snapped (the hit Oxygen series), but something does not compute. How in the hell did this man end up in her trunk? Is someone trying to set her up for his murder? Did she kill him and fake the break in? This has all of the makings of a Lifetime movie or an episode of the aforementioned Snapped.

Could you imagine opening the trunk and finding the asshole who you dumped lying there dead? This was one ex that just wasn't going away."

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