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A query for McCain-iacs: "[M]aybe one of them should have asked Senator War Hero why he's been such a hypocrite when it comes to helping Iraq war vets. Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia has proposed expanding education benefits for men and women who have served in the military since Sept. 11, 2001 ... Who could possibly be against [that]? Well, would you believe Mr. War Hero himself? Yep, John McCain."

Detroit mayor sex scandal: "Can you imagine being a Detroiter having to hear people talk about the oversexed mayor all the time? Does anyone even care that the Pistons are beating up on the Orlando Magic?"

A voice-over Grooms would like to see: "Republican gubernatorial candidates Pat McCrory and Fred Smith support John McCain's bid for the presidency. Do they want to see bigots like [John] Hagee and [Rod] Parsley strutting around the White House as spiritual advisors? Call McCrory and Smith and ask them why they support someone with such extremist supporters. McCrory and Smith: TOO EXTREME for the good people of North Carolina."

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