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Faint praise: "Kudos to Gen. David Petraeus for not being the trained liar Bush probably would have preferred at this week's congressional hearings. At least the general didn't spout the rightwing media's mendacious mantra of 'Everything's going great in Iraq, victory is just around the corner.'"

Corporate control of sports? Say it ain't so: "Charlotte Bobcats Arena ... will now be known as 'Time Warner Cable Arena.' Are there any large arenas, coliseums or amphitheaters left that aren't owned by a corporation?"

The plight of oppressed straights: "If school board members Kaye McGarry and Ken Gjertsen weren't so potentially destructive, they'd be hilarious. The Homophobic Power Couple share the odd mentality of many social conservatives, which we've written about before. Namely, they see themselves as oppressed martyrs, having to fight off an evil army of gays and lesbians who want to take over their schools, maybe their homes, even ... dare we say it? ... their minds! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!"

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