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Vogue's 'art' problem. "Should the one time that you 'allow' a black man to grace the cover of your magazine continue in the tradition of problematic images of black men in art, photography, film and television? Vogue claims that it is 'art,' but the photo lacks any 'artistic' value in my mind, much like the images that came before them."

It's true because I say so. "But don't tell the president, the VP, or McCain -- they're no longer with us poor slobs in the 'reality-based community.' As McCain said yesterday, 'We're succeeding, I don't care what anybody says.'"

The rules of cheating. "When you're a politician who uses public money to pay for your cell phone, don't send text messages to your mistress and then lie about the affair. What the hell do you think Tracfones are for?"

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