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Misogyny is a bitch. "If I get one more e-mail from a black person calling Hillary Clinton a bitch, I am going to scream. First of all, this election has confirmed for me that sexism is alive and well in the United States. The fact that so many people are comfortable circulating e-mails calling her a bitch in jest, seriousness, or both, is indicative of this issue. Sexism is so pervasive in this country that we do not even see it. For black people to use a pejorative term to describe a woman inside or outside of the community is deplorable."

Kenyan turban exporters: the next 527 "The implication was that Hillary's people were trying to smear Obama by connecting him with ... what, exactly? Islam? Terrorism? Kickbacks from Kenyan turban exporters?"

An all-ages party, perhaps? "Chester Chester, I mean R&B singer R. Kelly is coming to Charlotte for a CIAA party at a venue that just happens to be across the street from a skating rink. A place where a lot of little kids hang out ... Mothers, lock up your young daughters, or they might come home Friday night smelling like pee-pee."

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