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Larken Egleston

Promotional director and event coordinator Elevate magazine



As promotional director and event coordinator for the magazine Elevate, Larken Egleston is in the business of Charlotte's most visited attractions. Networking at record labels and clubs gives him the opportunity to work with a variety of local talent and urban limelight.

Alongside his work with the magazine Elevate, Larken is also involved with a number of independent projects. "Parrish Smith [of EPMD] just started a record label with Boondocks Records ... [so] I'm helping him run that". He was also recently involved with "Guys and Dolls", a cystic fibrosis foundation here in Charlotte. In a charity auction, Egleston volunteered himself as a bachelor and sold for a hefty $1,200.

As promotional director and coordinator to Charlotte's most happening events, time must be scarce. Egleston laughs, "[The] schedule is definitely pretty crazy. I work 9 to 5 with the magazine, but actually attending the events and supporting the clients, I end up working the 9 p.m. to 2 a.m."

Even more personally rewarding are the opportunities to mingle with the occasional celebrity. The visiting names he's grown up admiring, (like Nelly and Busta Rymes), leave these nights the "only time [he's] gotten star struck".

The nightlife isn't for everyone. Egleston admits to enjoying himself, but also possessing a sense of balance. "You can't treat every night like a Friday night."

Originally, he moved to Charlotte to pursue a culinary degree from Johnson and Wales. Graduation was his focus, followed by opening his own restaurant; however, his path has "changed 180 degrees in two years."

Egleston's glass: half empty, or half full? Assuredly he retorts, "over flowing."

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