Labyrinthe, Black Pope, Before the Eyewall, Towering Pyre, Alabaska

When: Fri., Aug. 24 2012

BEFORE THE EYEWALL I miss post-rock, I really do. I was very happy in the mid-’00s, when so many excellent, epic albums dropped — lofty monoliths of inspiring yet hard-rocking instrumentalism. And though the Pitchfork spotlight no longer shines on poor Mogwai, the band’s heady subgenre remains distinctive and refreshing. Therefore, thank the gods for post-rock trio Before the Eyewall, which stops at the Milestone in support of its new EP Euxine Currents, which consists of one 25-minute mammoth composition. It has all the patience and cinematic dynamism I loved six years ago, when this kind of stuff was still all the rage. Yet, time has passed, and Before the Eyewall has evolved accordingly. There’s no plodding through the familiar quiet-medium-loud-loudest-quiet structures that, eventually, were post-rock’s downfall. Let’s put it this way: rather than take you to the mountaintop (see: Mono), Before the Eyewall goes hacking through the underbrush with a machete.

Corbie Hill

Price: $7/$9

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