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Kristen, marketing representative



What's your biggest turnoff?

Arrogant men ... disrespectful and closed-minded men.

What have you given up for your looks during the recession?

I shop less due to the recession, and I had to get creative with my outfit choices -- you know, mixing and matching stuff to create outfits. I can't buy something new every time I go out. Another way I've cut back during the recession is I rely on my friends. I have a friend who does my hair, and that saves me money. We switch up clothes and accessories.

What's been your best cheap date?

I did go on a date where we actually had a coupon and it did cut back on the price of our meal. But as long as you have good company, it really doesn't matter how much you spend. We could be walking in a park, and that's free.

How would you rate President Obama's first year in office?

I'd like to say that I am an Obama supporter. Going into office, he had a lot of odds against him, and you can't rebuild America in a year. I think he's doing very well considering all that he's had to deal with.

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