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Kiss me, I'm Irish — who knew?


Growing up, I never knew which ethnicity box to check on applications ... I only knew I had Caucasian in me and that my grandmother was from Costa Rica. With that said, I was automatically disqualified from the Caucasian box because it typically said "Non-Hispanic." So I just went with "Other" ... but after my niece had to do a genealogy project for school, we discovered that we're a fraction Irish. Kiss me, I'm Irish!

So, to celebrate my newfound heritage, I opted to get festive for St. Patrick's Day and embark on the holiday dedicated to binge drinking.

In honor of my sister, Kim, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, I started with the Step It Out Against MS fundraiser at Buckhead Saloon. I am not in college anymore, Toto. I cannot drink off a keg and hang with the cool kids. I somehow ended up on stage with Scott and Woody pretending to play a Jack Daniels guitar. I woke up the next morning with a puking hangover, which I haven't experienced since my engagement party in 2003. (But I'm pretty sure it wasn't the alcohol that made me puke, considering I was single shortly thereafter.)

So what if my green-slash-gray-blue eyes are the only thing Irish about me, I was still going to join the rest of the world on the Rockhouse Events' St. Patrick's Day record-breaking bar crawl. It was so big they had to spread out in groups, and green shirts pretty much monopolized Uptown. It was so big that I wandered away from the tour and into my bed at 5 p.m. (But that is taking into account the fact that I started the morning at 10 a.m. by a parade float amongst a fake Bono, Charlotte Roller Girls and Great Danes wearing "Rescue me I'm Irish" shirts.)

Between the parade, ACC fans and pub crawlers, Uptown was like Mardi Gras. There were even beads and weird costumes. But I don't have much insight to share with you on the ACC tournament, other than there were a lot of fans crawling along with the bar crawl. I know so little about college basketball that when I first met Sean May, I asked him what school he went to. When he told me UNC I started talking shit about how UNC is Virginia Tech football's easy school since we've been in the ACC, but then felt bad because I thought he may be an offensive lineman or something. True story.

One more thing ... The Charlotte MS Walk is March 29 at Symphony Park. Come partake. I'll be there wearing a Team Kim shirt and on stage holding a microphone, but this time because I'm the emcee.

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