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Kim Blanding

A dentist with a big heart



Kim Blanding is a Charlotte-area dentist who is committed to making sure that all of Charlotte's children have healthy and happy smiles. She gives of her time and her heart by screening and treating some of Charlotte-Mecklenburg's uninsured schoolchildren for free. "Giving back to make a difference is such a rewarding feeling. Helping a child get out of pain is so rewarding."

Blanding is not the only dentist with a big heart. She works with more than 42 dentists to provide free dental care to uninsured children. "Speaking with my colleagues we decided that something needed to be done about children's dental health here in Charlotte so we started the Partnership for Children's Dental Health in 2002."

On Feb. 15 she will participate in Give Kids a Smile Day. "Give Kids a Smile Day is a way that Charlotte dentists can give back. By giving of their time and resources. Dentists all over the Charlotte area will be taking time to treat and screen children for free," Blanding says.

Blanding sits on the board of The Partnership for Children's Dental Health and The Junior League of Charlotte. "The Junior League has been amazing in their commitment to help in the fight for children's dental health. They help spread the word, and provide volunteers. I am proud to be a part of both organizations."

"When I get a call from a nurse at a school about a child who is in pain I am the first to say I will treat that child whether they can afford it or not. Every child deserves to have a healthy smile. Every child."

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