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Kevin Starr's Top Five

Full-time artist



Kevin Starr is a full-time artist who originates from Savannah, Ga. His crafts stretch over 23 years and include paintings, photography and some mixed media. The former hairstylist and nightclub owner now independently owns a studio in Plaza-Midwood.

1) Books: "I like ... classics. I just finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird."

2) Movies: "Mostly independent films, but anything played at The Manor, [a theatre] here in Charlotte. I've probably seen the movie June, over 15 times."

3) Music: "I like mostly all music, but I'm a classically trained pianist, so I listen to classical music. But I also like jazz, and I love lounge music."

4) Food: "I love anything buttery, anything spicy."

5) Experiences: "Me and two of my good girl friends got together for a dinner party, when the hostess happened to have a bottle of bootleg wine. Interestingly, as the night proceeded this wine became very hallucinatory. By the end, we were tossing eggs onto rooftops out of revenge of these half-million dollar houses. When we woke up we promised never to speak of it again."