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Kevin Harris' Top Five



Kevin Harris is nationally certified as both a massage therapist and a Reiki energy healer.

1) Music: "My first love is jazz." Harris is a jazz performer, but his passion for music and the stage far surpasses one genre. "I do opera, I do plays, I sing at churches around town. The only venues I haven't performed in are the coliseums and the new children's theater."

2) Art: "I think everything we do, in a sense, is our vision, so everything we do is art." He's currently trying to help his son Kevin Jamal Harris become more established as a local visual artist.

3) Hobbies: "I'm an avid weight lifter. I'm a car modification enthusiast as well." He has five modifications on his car, he's in a car modification club, and he recently went to the Hot Imports Night car show.

4) Food: "I'm a big Asian fan. I could eat Asian food eight days a week."

5) Books: "I read a lot of self-help type books. Right now I'm reading T.D. Jakes Repositioning Yourself."

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