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Angel Acevedo, better known to the hip-hop circles in Charlotte as Ketch, is a hip-hop personality who does it all -- hypes, hosts/co-hosts shows, plays music, rhymes, DJs, and even writes a lyric or two, which he says are "nothing ever serious or intellectual."

"My passion is hip-hop," Ketch says. "It's always been, since I was a little kid sneaking in headphones [and] cassette players to listen to music on the radio station back in Buffalo, N.Y."

His moniker originates from a first-time experience in a Middle Eastern restaurant in Buffalo, where he asked for ketchup to add to his food. His friend began calling him Ketchup Bandit then. He later graduated to Ketchup Samurai. When he moved to Tampa, he became simply Ketchup. In Charlotte, he has transformed to Ketch.

"I love a certain type of hip-hop. I'm more classic, old-school; I don't really believe in what the radio is playing today. I think it gives a black eye to the culture I grew up in and fell in love with."

He's currently working on an album with a group called Fresh Guac -- short for Fresh Guacomole. He also is the hype man for G-Syn, another local hip-hop artist.

For a day job, Ketch works at Autism Services of Mecklenburg County, where he's been for three months. There in the group home, he monitors clients who are 25 and up. "Basically, the goal is to assist them in leading an independent life. It takes a lot of patience, but they do learn quick."

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