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Katie Mattson

Professional life coach


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Forget the mustachioed, whistle-wielding fat guys of your youth -- life coaching is a relatively new profession that emerged around the early 1990s. Katie Mattson is a resident life coach who has found her way by taking big risks and getting involved in a profession that is dedicated to doing the same for others.

When asked to explain what a life coach does, Mattson says, "Most people have their passion beaten of them. They may not like their natural talent, but pursue it anyway because it's what they're told. My business is about finding your passion in your career or life."

In 2005, she quit her full-time job to go after her own passion. "I found out about coaching in July of '05; three months later I was in school; two months after that I quit my job, and by January of '06, I started my business. My parents thought I was crazy."

Mattson is also an avid rock climber and has climbed throughout North Carolina and West Virginia. "I don't think I take big risks. Starting my own business is what was really scary. Sometimes we are our own biggest obstacle – you just have to leap, even if you don't land where you thought you would."

"It is important to distinguish between having an impressive life, not an impressive lifestyle – if it doesn't make you full, what's the point?"

Katie is a writer for Brass Magazine,, and For more information about Katie and Life Coaching, visit


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