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Kate Gregory

Singer of Bellglide


Kate "Slappy" Gregory is the silky-voiced singer of Bellglide, Charlotte's sizzling shoegazers who owe more than a small debt to the 4AD/dream-pop line of indie rockers like Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, Opal, Mazzy Star and all the rest. Just back from the CMJ Music Marathon in Manhattan and the Atlantis Music Festival in Atlanta, Bellglide is currently at work with Mitch Easter on the long-awaited full-length followup to its 2003 Easter-produced EP. In May, two of the band's songs -- "Addiction" and "Everyday" -- made it past the cutting-room floor of The Rest of Your Life, the Charlotte-based indie film about the travails of the boomerang generation. Did we mention that Bellglide serves up some of the most luscious and infectious melodies in the area? When we asked Slappy for the five things that are currently rocking her world, here's what she said: "Top five, huh? How about DVDs of TV shows, for those of you who hate commercials." Hey, we'll take pretty much anything from y'all big-time rock stars out yonder:

1. House. "It's a medical show featuring the illustrious Hugh Laurie, whom I'd thought the world had forgotten after his stint of being a bumbling idiot on BBC's Blackadder. Hooray unintelligible medical jargon!

2. Sealab 2021. The first time I accidentally saw this show, I was rewarded with blurred-out cartoon boobs. Can't get any better than that.

3. Invader Zim. Used to be on Nickelodeon, which I found frightening. This DVD features an all-pig commentary. Yeah, you think I'm kidding.

4. Family Guy. I know, sort of an easy answer, but these shows do get funnier every sixth time you see them.

5. Dragnet. Anti-drug culture at its most confused. And I love Joe Friday's voice."

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