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Kat Eckles, Clean Juice Bar

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* Best Area To Live

"We think that the best area to live in is Lake Norman. We have lived in Lake Norman for a little over a year, but have been visiting the area since Landon's parents moved here 10 years ago. We have always felt drawn to this area because of the beautiful lake and near-perfect weather, but we especially just love raising our kids here in the laid-back, family-oriented, supportive community that is Lake Norman."

* Best Concert of Past 12 Months

"The best concert that we've been to this year is by far the Elevation Live Recording at Time Warner Cable Arena in July. There's nothing like thousands and thousands of people in one venue worshiping our God."

* Best Wine Bar

"We think the best wine bar is Corkscrew in Birkdale Village. It is a great place to go for a great atmosphere and live music. Their outside patio is a great place to sit and unwind."

* Best Farmers Market

"Our favorite Farmer's Market is Josh's Farmers Market in Mooresville. Josh's is our favorite because they are super accommodating and helpful. They are up and going at unimaginable hours traveling to places in the mountains and Winston-Salem in order to get the best produce for our community. Also, they have a variety of organic options which is super important to us because we are very strong believers in the importance of eating all-organic when possible."

* Best Gift Shop

"Poppie's Gifts in Birkdale. It's filled with beautiful things and some of the nicest people you will come across. I buy all my gifts -- for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, etc. -- from Poppie's. I love it because pretty much everything comes with a free monogram or name so I can buy an adorable, reasonable priced picture frame or tumbler and get it personalized with their initials to make the gift that much more special."

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