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Dear Karma Cleanser:

Suppose that you work for an angry, needling boss who micromanages your every move. And suppose the boss gave you an assignment that required you to gather information from an outside source for a report. You do the report as you were told, but something happens before you have a chance to turn it in. The person who gave you some of the information -- a colleague with whom you have a good relationship at another company -- calls and tells you that the information is now top secret and can't be publicized until August. You have two options: Either file the report anyway, knowing that it will piss off your source in the other company and probably burn that bridge forever, but also score you some brownie points with the boss, or you can not file the report and keep the outside relationship intact, but also irritate your boss. Which is better for your karma, theoretically?

-- Working Girl

Theoretically? Your letter's already running anonymously -- why not just admit it's you in this situation? Anyway, the asshole boss ain't going to transform into little Mary Sunshine over one well-researched report, so keep your contact in the other company happy and sit on his secrets. Who knows, maybe you can jump ship to his firm someday.

Dear Karma Cleanser:

I eagerly await your answers to these five questions: What is karma? How does one free one's self from this unwanted karma? Is there life after death? If so where do we go? Why is there so much suffering in this world? Who is God? What is the nature of this material world?

-- Nanda

What are we, Wikipedia? We'd love to take the time to spell out our patented Karma Cleanser Cosmology, which explains the nature of God, the universe and everything, but column inches come in precious short supply around here. Luckily for you, the universe saw fit to give you consciousness in an age of information. Said George Herbert, "The shortest answers is doing."

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