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Dear Karma Cleanser:

First, let me start off by saying that I am not gay, but I want to have a threesome with my boyfriend and another female.

It was eating me up for a while because I thought I was gay, but after finally opening up about it, I found out that wanting to explore is not so wrong. Now I'm really ready to do it.

Can I do it and be free of the need to do it again, or will I get hooked and want to continue? Will it mess up my relationship with my boyfriend?

Call Me Confused

Before you dive into Pandora's Box (ahem), you'd best make sure you're telling your boyfriend the whole story here. How does he really feel about this dubious dalliance? He may trip over his trousers for the chance of a private girl-on-girl show, but we guarantee his enthusiasm will evaporate if the show goes on without him. It's best to be honest with each other about the six dozen things that could go sour.

Dear Karma Cleanser:

Yesterday, I was in line at a very crowded coffee shop. This woman and her kid walked up and stood in front of me. I thought that it was pretty obvious to everyone that she had just decided that she shouldn't have to wait as long as everyone else. To be direct, I asked her if she was going to get in the line like everyone else or if she was just planning on cutting. She sarcastically laughed and looked away. I said, "Well, as long as this is the kind of example you want to set for your kid, then do it -- it's your karma, bitch!"

So she did. She just stood there and I had to wonder if my reaction was good or bad. I mean, I am a regular reader and I know this can't be helpful to her in the long run. But is it bad karma for me to harshly rebuke her in front of her kid? Can scaring someone with the possibilities of bad karma in the future cause bad karma for me today?

A Little too Latte

Flinging the "b" word in front of a minor won't score you any points with the gods (or the baristas, who think they're gods), though you were right to question the lady's boorish behavior. For courtesy and order to survive, sometimes that means embarrassing a wayward parent in front of their impressionable offspring. It takes a village, you now.

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