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Karma Cleanser


Dear Karma Cleanser:

I have a 40-minute bus ride to my office every morning. There was this lady sitting in front of me, and I noticed a few minutes into our ride that she had a large white sticker stuck to the back part of her shoulder. I don't know if it was the sales tag from her outfit or what, but I could tell she did not know it was there. Nobody on the bus talks to anybody else, so I kept quiet. I felt badly about not speaking up, but I did not want to embarrass her.

After the bus arrived at our parking lot, I got off quickly to avoid making eye contact with the lady. As I was walking to my building, I heard someone call out, "Excuse me!" I turned around and it was the sticker lady. She was walking fast toward me. She said, "I think you left your iPod on the seat." She was right. I had rushed out and left it behind by accident. Now, I think my karma is going to be destroyed, not just because I didn't notify her of the sticker, but because she then went out of her way to help me. How can I possibly get out of this hole?


Since this bus ride is a daily thing for you, we're guessing you see the same slack-jawed wage slaves every morning. Tomorrow morning, surprise the label lady with a box of glazed doughnuts -- the universal gesture of appreciation/apology/condolence in the South.

Been bad?

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